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7300EV Series
 110V Class:0.25~1HP,suitable motor capacity:0.2~0.75kW
 220V Class:0.25~3HP,suitable motor capacity:0.2~2.2kW
 440V Class: 1~3HP, suitable motor capacity:0.75~2.2kW

 • Sensorless Vector Control, high starting torque
 • VR built-in
 • 8 step speeds setting
 • PID function
 • Built-in 24V, 50mA power source for external usage
 • Built-in class A filter
 • IP20 & IP65 (NEMA4) Enclosure

7300EV Series
 220V Class:0.5~40HP,suitable motor capacity:0.4~30kW
 440V Class:1~75HP,suitable motor capacity:0.75~55kW

 • Sensorless Vector
 • 150% starting torque
 • LED/LCD Keypad Display
 • NPN/PNP Digital Input
 • PID function
 • Copy Unit Function
 • PC/PDA Link
 • EMC Filter Built-in (Class B Option)
 • Built-in PLC function
 • IP20 Enclosure

7200MA Series
 220V Class:1~40HP, suitable motor capacity:0.75~30kW
 440V Class:1~75HP, suitable motor capacity:0.75~55kW

 • Interactive LCD, used as Copy Unit
 • RS-485, Modbus, Profibus (option)
 • PG Built-in Interface
 • Dual Rating Overload Protection
 • Energy-Saving./ Sensorless + Auto-turning
 • Output Phase Loss Protection
 • Pulse Train command, +10V ~ -10V Analog commander
 • Over torque Detection

7300PA Series
 220V Class:5~125HP, suitable motor capacity:3.7~90kW
 440V Class:5~500HP, suitable motor capacity:3.7~375kW

 • FAN & PUMP Invertert
 • PID with Auto Energy Saving
 • LCD Keypad used as Copy Unit
 • Output common mode choke built-in
 • Modbus, Profibus, Metasys, LonWorks
 • 3 Analog Inputs
 • 2 Analog Outputs
 • Motor Thermistor Input

7200GS Series
 220V Class:25~100HP,suitable motor capacity:18.5~75kW
 440V Class:25~400HP,suitable motor capacity:18.5~300kW

 • V/F & V/F+PG & Sensorless Vector
 • PID with Auto Energy Saving
 • LCD/LED Keypad
 • C.M. noise reduction
 • RS-485 Modbus (SI-M)
 • Field Bus communication Profibus (GS-P)
 • 2 Analog Outputs
 • Motor parameter Autotuning

JSDE Series AC Servo System
 220V Class:suitable motor capacity:50W ~ 2KW

 • Capacity : 50W ~ 2KW
 • 2500 ppr Incremental Encoder
 • Human operating interface. Status indication and Diagnostics
 • Multi-Function Torque, Speed, Position, and dual control mode
 • RFrequency Characteristic max 300Hz up
 • Analog Input ports : Speed Command, Torque / Speed Limit
 • Built-in Brake Unit
 • Built-in RS232 / RS485 Interface

JSDA Series AC Servo System
 220V Class:suitable motor capacity:100W ~ 15KW

 • Complete Model
   TECO JSDA & JSDE servo driver when integrated with JSMA Servo Motor   
   100W ~ 15KW, and combined with a 2000 / 2500 / 8192 ppr incremental  
   encoder will provide excellent performance for a wide range of 
 • Multi-Function
    Torque, Speed, Position, Point to Point setting and dual
    control mode, which enables optimal control by integration with other
    control systems.
 • Main Circuit/ Control Circuit Power Separation
    Effective protective function, simple to check available for JSDA.
 • Built-in Brake Unit
   To meet the requirement of high inertia load changes.
   JSDA:Built-in Braking transistor and Braking resistor
   JSDE:Built-in Braking transistor
 • Simple Gain tuning
    Built-in 10 levels of system rigidity setting and ON-Line / OFF-Line auto
    gain  tuning.
 • Notch Filter
    Effective suppression of mechanical resonance to provide a stable control
 • Flexible Gain Control Switching
    Speed loop PI(Proportional-Integral)control and P(Proportional)control
    switching can suppress overshoot and undershoot while motor speeds up
    or down.
 • Built-in 16 sets programmable position settings, which enable point to
    point position control
 • Smoothing Effect
    In position/ speed mode, the adjustment of time parameter modifies the
    speed/ position curve , provides smooth operation , therefore extends the
    life expectancy of the mechanical system.
 • User friendly interface. Displays status indication and Diagnostics
 • Multi-sets of programmable I/O ports for multi-function
 • Complete protective function and multiple alarms for abnormal system
 • PC operating software on TECO SERVO
    With Chinese traditional font/Chinese simplified font/English version on
   TECO SERVO for parameter read/write, gain adjustment, status indication
   and digital scope simulating for monitoring internal signals through RS-232

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